Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waiting for Spring and Y

If you're looking for the BAM blog train, it's 2 posts down:D LOL, I post a lot;)

Emma turned 16 months on Friday!! Can you believe it? I have a 16 month old o.O Crazy. She's doing great, by the way. She's still not really interested in talking, though she DID just start saying ball! I even got it on video:D It's too cute. She also says uh oh on occassion. And of course, mama and dada/daddy. She's also more receptive to learning some signs now. She knows please, thank you, cookie (she ALWAYS signs it...), kitty, love, and light. I'm trying to teach her book, but she claps her hands for it^_^ Emma loves to give us hugs, kisses, and high 5's. Sometimes she does it on her own, but mostly when we ask her to. Oh, and she has become obsessed with watching Sesame Street. She wasn't at all interested in TV until we bought her 2 Sesame Street DVDs. Now she points to the TV aaaaall the time...we only let her watch 2 videos a day (or the same one twice). I don't want a TV junkie! Anyway, I am overdue for a good long update on her, but it's late and I have a few pages to share before I go to bed.

First, I made an awesome page (I think so, anyway;))for this week's challenge on BAM. This was the challenge:

1. template by one of the BAM girls
2. graphic by one of the BAM girls
3. something yellow
4. black&white or sepia photo, vintage photo is acceptable too
5. personalize the font that you use in your title

This is the page I did for it, and everything I used was made by BAM girls:D

Template - Kimi's Kreations, Template 21
Kit - Kimi's Kreations, Ready for Sun (mini and addon)
Green paper strip - geniaBeana, Playtime addon
Fonts - Too Much Paper, Acadian
Atomic Cupcake action - colored chrome

I'd like to make a QP out of this LO, and I have Kimi's permission to do so:) I'm just waiting on geniaBeana's permission beforehand. I THINK she said it'd be ok to make QPs out of her challenge kit, but I don't remember. The kits I used are addons of blog train kits, so check out Kimi and geniaBeana's blogs to get them! The full kits are GORGEOUS. LOL, I hope my expansion can live up to theirs;)

I'm hosting our color challenge for April, and I have an AWESOME palette made up for it. I'm so excited that I want to share it with the other BAM designers now, but I'm going to wait until April. But trust me, it will be beautiful, as will be the kits made with it.

I also made the Y page for Emma's ABC book today. One more page and a cover and I'm DONE!! YAY! Oh, and the way the printer I plan to go through prints requires a title page to make my pages line up correctly (I can make it a board book through them!). I just hope they can handle making a board book with this many's usually 10 pages plus a fee for each additional spread. Aaaanyway. Here's my Y page:

Kit - Choukette, Sweet Candy Addon
Atomic Cupcake action - acrylic

Now I just need to find just the right thing for my Z page, make the cover and title page, and go through each page and fix any issues. I'm going to adjust the shadowing on most of them, too, since I only JUST learned how to edit shadows. And then resize them for the board book (6x6) and save as jpgs (I'll keep the full 12x12 psds, of course).

Aaaand it's time for bed. Night all!


  1. So cute! Love the yogurt splatter, lol.

    And awwww. When I saw the LO I was totally looking for the matching template. :(

  2. I bet you are happy that your alphabet book is almost done. I think it has turned out so good!!You have really put a lot of work into it and it shows. I love it!!

  3. QP is fine. I love that page. the bird and tree is too cute.

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  5. Great layouts Sara! Sorry about the comment from Chris! I didn't realize he was still signed in! :D

  6. I really like both those pages. Especially the colors. And I like the combo of color and B&W photos on the first one.