Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

This page pretty much captures how I feel about our weather.

Anyway, this is my page for the weekly challenge on BAM. The challenge is to use Summer Driggs' Sweet Springtime kit. It's a cute kit, but the papers are like 8x8 instead of 12x12. I had to double them over to fill the page in places. But I love how this page turned out! I'm not normally a 1-picture-per-page person, but I really like this. Then again, my old camera was only 3 megapixels, so one picture wouldn't fill up a decent amount of page space with that one. Now I have 8 megapixels and am loving it!!

Papers and elements - Summer Driggs, Sweet Springtime
Waiting for Spring wordart - Lilipruneau, Sweet Envy
Overlay - LBC Designs, Blog Gift 3-9-09
Bracket matte - Scrappin' Cop, Bracket Shapes
Fonts - Too Much Paper, Vaguely Repulsive, Tracy, My Own Topher
Atomic Cupcake actions - colored chrome, painted wood, rub on

And once again, I'm up super late. Time for bed!


  1. Ha ha- that's exactly how I feel!!! =]

  2. LOL, that's great. I love the wordart on the bottom and the ribbons. You stole my journal font :P (jk) You probably caught it already, but "almost" has an N in the middle of it, and "park" has a T in the middle of it. It can be hard to pick up typos with that font, especially in the middle of the night. *lol*

    I'm so ready for spring, too. *sigh*