Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prepping to Move On

As many of you know, John graduates this semester. Graduation is 3 weeks away! YAY! I'm so glad this chapter - more like 1000 page novel - of our lives is finally coming to a close. I'm so proud of him for all his hard work. He's had to juggle school, family, church, job - way more than I had to worry about when I was in college. And I think his accounting classes are way harder than any of my English classes. I'd much rather write a 10 page paper than do complicated accounting equations, any day.

So what next? Grad school!! John got accepted into the grad school program he wanted! We're so excited! We heard about this specific program a little over 2 years ago. As soon as we learned that they had a Masters of Accounting program that allows students to take one extra semester and get a joint MBA, we just knew it was right for us. Apparently they thought so, too ;)

Graduation + grad school = moving. We knew this day would come. We're thrilled. But at the same time, there are things I will miss about this place. We're leaving friends behind. Our children were born here. We have a lot of memories here. And...I'm not too excited about all the packing and cleaning and driving that moving will entail. But it's worth it.

I will not miss the wind, the snow, the insanely cold temps, and the 6 month winters. Not at all. We'll see snow in our new location, but not nearly as much and not as cold.

I can't fully express how excited I am to be moving on. We've watched countless friends graduate and move away; now it's finally our turn!! Finally!!! I need about a billion exclamation points to convey my excitement.

We also already know where we're moving! We have a place to live! Yay, we won't be homeless! We literally had it lined up the very day after we found out John got accepted. Seriously awesome. We can't help but feel amazingly blessed.

How did we get a place so fast? It all started when my friend Lori called me in January. Her adorable family moved out of our ward in July. They actually moved to where we're going. They're from there. Well, Lori called me to tell me about a neighborhood of duplexes in their ward boundaries. They're really nice; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage, and a yard. And best of all, they're subsidized. We'll be paying $50 less than we are now. For like double the space. And we've got a 50-50 chance of being in the same ward as our friends! So awesome!!!

We immediately called and got on the waiting list. In January. Because we got on the list when we did, we were able to grab the April 1st opening. We're not moving till the 9th-13th, but we didn't want to risk not having a place to move into. So we'll start paying rent for our new place a week and a half before we move in.

Thankfully, our current apartment is pro-rating the month of April. They usually don't pro-rate, but since a semester ends early in the month and another starts mid-month, they chose to pro-rate just this April as an incentive for parting tenants to move out in time for the newbies to move in. So fabulous! Could we be any more blessed? Everything is falling perfectly into place.

Now to hope all the packing and end-of-college schoolwork can fall into place...I know it will; it just takes a lot of work and faith to make that happen. I'll do the packing and John will do the schoolwork. Win win! At least for me ;) I can't do his homework anyway. I've already started packing. With all the stuff we have and taking care of 3 kids, I need to start early! I've packed 11 boxes since he got accepted. I have more to pack, but first I need to buy more packaging tape.

The packing part is not so's the insane deep cleaning that I dread!! I got a little head start on that, but...well...we'll see. It'll get done, just not much in advance. Thankfully, my mom is flying out for graduation and to help with the move. Thank goodness!! We are so incredibly blessed. Life is working out beautifully. Time to move forward with our lives!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Computer :D

My first blog post from my new computer! I've had it for 2 weeks now. I spent the first week getting everything all set up. Installing programs and personalizing my settings and such. And the second week I found myself preoccupied with Pinterest...I finally got around to exploring it and, of course, became obsessed.

But! My new computer! It's here! It's beautiful! It's fast! It's quiet! It's toddler-proof! I am totally in love ♥


How can you not love the prettiness?

So, a few system specs for the other nerds out there: 3.3 gHz dual core processor, 8 gb RAM, 3 internal hard drives (250 boot, 160 and 500 slaves), DVD burner, Radeon HD 4830 512MB 256-bit graphics card, and Windows 7 (64 bit).

Love love love. And I love that my 2 year old can no longer push the power or reset buttons on me.

Just for kicks, here's a shot of the innards of both my old and new computers:

The old one no longer has hard drives since they're now in the new one. And, as I expected, the hard drives were perfectly fine. Yay for no data loss!

Adjusting to Windows 7 was super easy. I had XP on my old computer, so it's definitely different. But, I've used John's Vista lappy enough to be familiar with the visual changes. I love the prettiness of 7 :D

I love how fast my new computer is. Photoshop is sooooo much faster than before!! Love it!

I've had some issues with importing my Sims 2 neighborhoods. Lisa figured out a way to make it work, but it's a long tedious process. We've only got one neighborhood working so far. We'll get there; it just isn't my highest priority.

Ooooh how I love having my own awesome computer again! Thanks to Lisa for building it and to Mom for paying for all the non-Lisa-hand-me-down parts :D I'm so super blessed. And spoiled. I think I'm pretty spoiled. I sent Mom and Lisa some pretty flower clips and a thank you card.

Now that I have a working computer again, I'll be able to get back into posting more. More to come soon!