Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emma's Treasure Box

After much internal debating, I decided to open an Etsy shop! Here's the link if you're interested: Emma's Treasure Box

So far, I have 16 bows up for sale. I plan to add pigtail sets and a 10 for $25 bundle deal soon. Eventually I'll have other non-bow crafty stuff for sale, too.

For ages I couldn't decide if it'd be worth it, if anyone would buy from me, if I'd be able to commit to it. But Etsy is so low-key that really I'll only be as busy with it as I make myself be. Plus, bows don't take that long to make anyway. So it's perfect for me. Coming up with a shop name was probably the hardest part!

I haven't sold anything on there yet, but I also haven't spread the word at all, either :)

However, I put some bows up for auction on Funds for Colleen. All these bows went up for auction:
March 30

Kimi divided the bows into 7 sets and so far, 5 of them sold! There are 2 sets still available if you're interested...;) Not to mention all the other awesome stuff listed there :)

I have soooo many blog posts floating around in my head that need to be written. Updates on the kids, our vacation, the dresser project, etc. But most of those involve sorting through tons of pictures and I just don't have the motivation to do it yet. Hopefully soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Another...


Once again, we were so sure it'd be a girl...and he very clearly isn't. He had no qualms about letting us see his boyness.

Oh no. He was flaunting it. Guess he didn't want to be named Cinderella ;)

Emma's response to the news was epic:
"No I don't want it to be a boy. I want it to be a girl! Change it!!"

I cracked up laughing. It was either that or cry because...I felt the same way.

I really really really wanted another girl. Still do. I can't say I'm not disappointed. And I feel horribly guilty about wishing this baby wasn't a boy.

I'm trying to focus on the positives. It'll be good for Hyrum to have a little brother, someone to wrestle and get muddy with while being stuck with Mom all day. Emma and I will be that much closer and have the mother-daughter bond I've always wanted. And someday we will have another girl. Hopefully the next baby because I don't know how many boys in a row I can handle. I'm not even sure I can handle 2 yet.

Just when I think I've accepted the fact, something smacks me right in the face to tell me I haven't completely embraced the truth that I'm having another boy. Someone posting that they're having a girl. Seeing all those cute baby girl clothes at the store. Friends cuddling their newborn daughters. Pulling up my ultrasound pictures to prepare this post. Which is why it's taken me 3 weeks to announce it on my blog.

I feel guilty for being disappointed. I don't want my poor unborn son to think his own mother didn't want him. I don't want him to read my journal entries about how I wanted a girl and was sad that it was a boy instead. I never want him to feel like I don't want him. I do want him.

And once he's here I'll know that we needed another boy, that he was meant to come to our family now, that everything is as it should be.

John and Emma are both more accepting than I am. Emma keeps telling me how she's going to help change his diaper, feed him (good luck with that...), bathe him, dress him...she's so sweet about it. She's such a great big sister already and I love how much she wants to help me take care of her new brother.

As for our new little guy, he's doing great. He's perfectly on track for his due date. Wouldn't it be funny if he joined his siblings in the due date birthday club? I wouldn't be surprised, actually. I'm kind of expecting it. But of course, he'll come when he's ready.

He measured in the 57-59th percentile for his gestational age. A little on the big side, but hopefully he won't take after his big brother on birth weight. I don't really want to push out an almost 10 pound baby again thanks. I'm trying to eat healthier to prevent that. I think being due right after Christmas last time didn't help...what with all the yummy holiday treats everyone kept bringing us. I'm aiming for the 7 pound range this time :)

The best part, however, was that after they did the regular ultrasound with all the measuring and gender identifying and such, they switched to 3D!! We got to see our little guy in 3D!

Ultrasound 5-6-2011

Isn't he adorable? He kept his face snuggled against the placenta, so we couldn't get a great shot of him. He wiggles around a lot, so that kind of surprised me.

We're making progress on getting all the things ready we need for this little boy. We have the van now. We already have a car seat (it's good till 2013 - did you know car seats expire? I'm planning a big post on car seat safety in the nearish future). We have baby boy clothes, though most of them are hand-me-downs or consignment finds since I never got a baby shower with Hyrum. We have blankets.

We inherited a dresser from my grandparents, which we're in the process of fixing up - all it needs now is the clear protective coat for the stain. I'll post more about that project later, too. We have a bed for him. Poor kid will be in a pink Pack N Play for the first 7 months. Hey, it's what we've got and we don't have room or money for another crib or to switch Hyrum up to a big boy bed. We're moving next April anyway (when he'll be 7 months old). So those transitions will happen then.

Honestly, we already have most everything we'd need. I'd like a few more cute outfits for him, but the only thing we really need is another swing. You know, since Emma broke it last summer...

And of course diapers and wipes. Those are always needed. I think I want to at least test out cloth...we'll see how that adventure goes. I'm lazy and am so sick of poop, but I know that will save us a ton of money so I'm willing to at least try it. Especially since I have friends who've offered to make some diapers for me to test out. I'll pay for them, of course, but it's a ton cheaper than vendor cloth diapers. So...we'll see.

As for names...we don't know yet. We have a few names bouncing around in our minds, but neither of us are sure if they're right for this baby. It took us forever to pick Hyrum's name, whereas with Emma we had her name picked out by 11 weeks. We'll see what this little guy wants to be named. Suggestions are welcome :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funds for Colleen - Auctions for Cancer

Hello blogging world. It's been awhile, huh? We went on a 3 week vacation to visit family. And anyone who has traveled with small children knows it takes at least a week of pre-vacation prep and another week of post-vacation clean-up and adjusting. It was good to visit family, but we're glad to be back. More on our trip in another post.

Today, I want to tell you about something close to my heart. My dear friend Kimi has an amazing sister named Colleen. And Colleen...well, she has cancer. We lost my uncle to cancer in January 2010 (just 13 days after my son was born), so it's near and dear to my heart.

Colleen had lymphoma 5 years ago, but this time it came back as leukemia. She has 3 children. They all had to temporarily relocate for her bone marrow and stem cell transplant, which took place earlier this week. Colleen has to stay near the treatment center for the next 4 months. Kimi is helping to organize an auction for Colleen and her family to help cover the expenses of being away from their home for a few months while she recovers. The auctions run once a week and each week has amazing items up. You can also donate directly to Colleen's Paypal account.

This week, the entirety of Kimi's digiscrap store from her designing days is up for auction! I was on her CT back in the day and I can tell you this is an amazing steal. These kits haven't been available since the end of 2009. A couple of the kits are collabs with geniaBeana. Trust me, if you ever liked Kimi's Kreations products, you will not want to miss out on this.

For more info on Kimi's digiscrap products, check out her scrapping blog here.

For the auction itself, click here. All auction funds and donations go directly to Colleen and her family.

There are all sorts of other awesome things up for auction this week, including handmade jewelry, artwork, and home decor. And next week, I'll have these bows and flower clips up for auction:

March 30

I plan to open up an Etsy shop for bows and other fun crafty things in the near future. I'll let you know once it's all set up :)

But for now, I need to get our home back in order. At least we finally unpacked all the suitcases today! Sickness and vacation don't mix well. But more on that next time.