Monday, March 23, 2009

Q and R

I made the Q and R pages for Emma's ABC book:) I had issues getting the Q page just right, but I'm finally satisfied with it.

I've mentioned before that Sundays are long days for us. Well, by the time we finally get home from church, we're starving but too tired to actually cook. Plus, we don't want to wait that long. I decided that we should start using our awesome crock pot on Sundays. So today, I stuck a pot roast in the crock pot with potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, salt, pepper, chicken stock (didn't have beef), and some water before I got ready for church. I bought some French bread Saturday night to go along with it, too. Oh my goodness, it was soooooo good! I loved walking up to our apartment and smelling the roast before we even opened the door. Our neighbors must have been drooling - I know I was;) The meat was perfectly tender and everything was oh-so-yummy. Emma didn't care for the meat, but she loved the veggies. We had Nathan and Jessica over to enjoy it, too. It was awesome. We will definitely be using our crock pot on Sundays now! I LOVE coming home with a meal already cooked and ready to eat. It was so nice to not have to worry about throwing something together for dinner at the last minute. Just a little advance prep and it's SO worth it!

I tried to have choir practice today (still no official director, but that SHOULD be changing soon), but only 2 people showed up - Jessica being one of them. Since we had 2 sopranos + me (also soprano), there really was no point in practicing. Oh well. I don't really want to direct anyway;)

We had a really fun activity at church last night. We had a "drive in" where we made cars out of refridgerator boxes and watched The Princess Bride. We rented a popcorn machine and potlucked candy to share. It was really fun! Babysitting was provided (single college students;)), too! Emma lasted about an hour with the babysitters...she started crying and wouldn't stop, so they brought her out to us. She hung out with us in the car we made. She had lots of fun eating chocolate and she watched a lot of the movie, too. Usually she's only interested in TV if Elmo is involved... It was fun, despite our toddler's lack of cooperation with the babysitters. At least she was ok there while we made our car.

Anyway, you probably want to see my new pages now, right? Well, here they are:

Paper (grayscaled and used as an overlay) - Quilt Papers (no TOU)
Elements - The Maltese Scrapper, Sewing
Quilt - 3 wonderful ladies from church made it for us as a baby shower gift. It's too pretty to use as a blanket, so it's hanging on the wall in Emma's room.
Font - kwekel
Atomic Cupcake actions - fabric, stitches

I originally had the teal as the background and the pink on the text, but the teal looked too plain and dead, especially when paired with it's neighboring page. So I switched them. It looks MUCH better now!

And now for R:

Background paper, clouds, rain - Megan B Designs, Rainy Day
Textured overlay (on hills) - Tammy Jackson
Crumpled overlay (on hills) - Princess Kate Designs
Sun - Kimi (kit not released yet^_^)
Rainbow - Jennifer Fletcher, March Daily Download #4
Rainbow stripes on text - me:) It's part of a new kit I'm working on
Font - Waterfalls
Atomic Cupcake actions - colored chrome

For those of you who are wondering, my kit Emma's Toybox is complete! I'll post it soon. I'm just waiting on my "CT" pages. The ones I've seen so far are all awesome!! It's SUCH a thrill to see pages made using my kit! I'm going to make a couple of pages with it, too.

I'm also working on another kit. Well, sort of. I made a minikit for a color challenge on BAM and plan to expand it. I've made a few more things for it (like the striped paper I used on the R page). All designing of kits and templates is on hold for a little bit. I need to finish Emma's ABC book and get it printed in time for Easter, so it's crunch time. I have 8 pages to make by the 31st if I want to get it in time. So until that's done, kits and templates are on the back burner. But I'm still doing a speed scrap tomorrow afternoon during naptime and will keep doing the weekly/monthly challenges on BAM. A page isn't as involved as a kit;) But the minikit will be released on Friday, as part of a blog train, so be sure to check us all out then!

My future templates will be getting a facelift, too. I'm going to give them more of a branding and I have learned more cool things about Photoshop to implement in my designs.

Anyway, it's late and I need to clear a bunch of stuff off my bed before I can sleep. Hehe, we had tons of stuff on our counters, but since we were having company over for dinner, it got shoved on the bed instead of put away;) Now to move it back to the counters - I'll deal with getting it organized and put away later. Night all!


  1. LOVE the rainbow page! I want that alpha! :D Can't wait to see your kit!

  2. Thanks! I made the alpha specifically for this page, but I plan to make it part of the extended kit:) So it will be available when I get around to finishing it:)

  3. Where did you get the quilt papers?

  4. cute cute! I really like both of the fonts and all the glitter on the rainbow page :)