Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exceeded Bandwidth

Apparently I exceeded my bandwidth on Photobucket, so now none of my images are showing up anywhere. Very frustrating. Sorry for anyone who actually wants to look at/download things here! I'm looking into various free solutions to get me up and running again. I DO have actual webhosting, but my internet connection MAJORLY sucks here and I can't upload anything to my site. And there's nothing I can do about that, since our internet comes with the apartment.

Hopefully I'll be up and running again soon! But I'm in a pretty bad mood with this whole bandwidth issue at the moment.


I'm up and running again! I didn't even read the email saying I was over on my bandwidth, but in it, PB said I could upgrade to Pro for free via TrialPay. I figure since Photobucket is a trusted source, it should be safe. The idea is the promotors pay for Pro FOR you. Hey, it's a year long free upgrade to Pro - what normally costs $40. I had to sign up for a free trial from one of their promotors, but I will cancel it before it ends. Worst case, I pay $10...hopefully it will cancel easily. I've tried trial versions of things before and got burned (it was only $12, but still, I was mad because I DID cancel beforehand...never use - EVER. They're eeeeeevil).

Anyway. My images are back online, and I didn't have to do any changing of links or anything. I'd prefer using my FTP webhosting, but FTP and my crappy connection don't play nice.

Now I can go prep my kit for my "CT." It's almost done. I hope to finish tonight, or by naptime tomorrow. But I'll let my "CT" play with it before I post it;)

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  1. Dern it where's my kit? :D jk

    I was thinking about your bandwidth thing last night and it donned on me what the heck is going on with it. Why aren't you removing stuff again? Is it all blog related?