Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hyrum's Little Adventure

We had an adventure today. And not the fun kind. No, it was more of the "let's go to the doctor and the hospital in the same day" kind.

The kids were playing by their door. Emma kept opening and closing it. Hyrum was right there, laughing at his sister's antics.

You can see where this is going, can't you?

Yep. You guessed it. Hyrum put his hand in the door (hinge side)...and Emma closed it on him. He cried SO hard! Poor little guy. He had this awful indent all across his knuckles and bleeding under the skin between all his fingers.

Right after it happened:
Hyrum's  hand

And an hour later:
Hyrum's hand

See how swollen it is? I should have gotten a shot of the other side of his hand, too. There's a matching indent there, and the whole knuckle section is really swollen.

John was in class at the time, but I set up a doctor's appointment for as soon as possible. He was moving his fingers perfectly, but I still wanted to get him checked out. I'd rather go in and find out nothing's wrong than NOT go in and later discover that something IS.

The doctor was impressed by how well he can move his fingers. He can still crawl around just fine, too. We don't think the fingers are broken, but the only way to find out if there's a fracture in the main part of his hand is by x-ray.

Of course, they don't have an x-ray machine in their office. He printed up an x-ray order and sent us up to the hospital. Which, thankfully, is literally only a block away.

I kept an eye on Emma while John took Hyrum back for his x-ray. He wasn't exactly thrilled about it. They had to put his hand in this green foam to keep him from wiggling. Little boys do NOT like holding still...especially toddlers.

But they got the x-ray and we'll get the results in the morning.

My poor little baby :( I felt SO bad for him. He's been SUCH a trooper, though. Aside from the major crying when it first happened, he's acted like his normal self. Playing, crawling, laughing, eating, getting into everything...

If it were me, I would have been the biggest baby ever. Seriously. I'd whine and complain and basically want to be pampered for the rest of the day.

Heck, I did do that when Emma dropped that shopping cart on my toe back in September... By the way, that toenail did eventually fall off...and is now mostly grown back in. At least my toenail-less days were confined to winter. Can you imagine walking around in sandals without a toenail? Yuck.

Aaaanyway, my poor little boy had his first significant injury and hospital visit today. Well, he hung out with me when I got my gallbladder removed...but it was his first time back there for himself. Obviously he was born there ;)

I hope nothing is broken. We'll find out in the morning. My poor sweet little boy!

Emma said it was an accident (I didn't actually see it happen, so I don't really know), but we definitely have had some talks with her about being more careful with the door. We talked about it a ton BEFORE this happened, too. Hopefully both kids learned something from this experience? *sigh* One can only hope.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emma "Reading"

I got this adorable video of Emma today and I just HAD to share :) Enjoy!

We borrowed this book from the library a week ago...and she memorized it in about 2 days. So no, she isn't actually reading reading. Just reciting what she memorized.

She definitely takes after me on the memorization front. I've always been great at memorizing things. I know John's family's birthdays better than he does - and he has 9 siblings!!

So no, she can't actually read yet. But she does know all her letters and their sounds. I'm sure she'll be an early reader anyway, based on how brilliant she is.

She's currently obsessed with the Little Critter books. It all started when we got her The New Baby book for her 2nd birthday. You know, when I was like, almost 8 months pregnant with Hyrum. She loved it and made me read it ALL the time. Of course, she memorized it quickly. Since then, we've checked others out at the library.

Someday we'll add more to our library.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365 2011: A New Journey Begins

I'm finally posting this year's P365 pics so far. I just love taking pictures everyday!

2011 so far:

January 1
January 1
Balloons we got from the New Year's party.

January 2
January 2
We had Hyrum's birthday party this day. He LOVED the cake!

January 3
January 3
Just hanging out at home.

January 4
January 4
The birthday boy!! Happy 1st birthday! Lovin' that cake.

January 5
January 5
Standing against the counter, as usual. It's his current favorite place to play.

January 6
January 6
I made myself a necklace and a matching bracelet. It's hopefully kid resistant. It's really stretchy, so it would take some extreme pulling to break it.

January 7
January 7
Emma helping me bake banana bread.

January 8
January 8
Emma lined up Mike N Ike's symmetrically by color.

January 9
January 9
Dressed up for church. She didn't really want me to take her totally looks like a mugshot.

January 10
January 10
Hyrum found a hairbrush and started brushing his hair.

January 11
January 11
Playing with her LeapFrog flash cards.

January 12
January 12
Hyrum found the crayons Emma dumped on the floor...he colored on the wall. He enjoyed it entirely too much. Ironic that his first drawing was on the wall. Thankfully, WD-40 works wonders on crayon.

January 13
January 13
Salad for lunch! I've been eating salad for lunch everyday.

January 14
January 14
Emma climbed into an empty diaper box. So funny!

January 15
January 15
Bwahaha, blackmail for life. Yes, that is my son...playing with his sister's My Little Pony. The hazaards of life with an older sister.

January 16
January 16
Little stud getting ready for church. So handsome!

January 17
January 17
Hyrum enjoyed coloring on the walls so much, we let him have his own paper to color on. He loved it! He cried when we put the crayons away for bedtime.

January 18
January 18
He opened this banana all by himself...with his teeth.

January 19
January 19
Emma loves the baby doll she got for Christmas ♥

Oh, and in case you're wondering about that last photo...she bonked her head on my desk and she has eczema on her hand. We're not bad parents, I promise!

And that's all of them so far! Enjoy! More to come soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Love, Sweet Love: re-release

geniaBeana re-released one of my favorite kits today, Love, Sweet Love. It's pink, brown, red - perfect for all those lovey Valentine's Day pages:

love sweet love preview

Isn't it lovely? I adore this kit. I re-did my blog layout with it before I knew she was re-releasing it! It's on sale for 20% off at ScrapMatters (image linked above).

I scrapped this new page with it:

And turned it into a desktop:
Love desktp

I think I like my desktop better. I should probably shrink everything in the actual page. Now that I look at it again, I think everything is a bit too big. But it's perfect as a desktop.

We'll see if I shrink anything; I'm feeling very lazy today. Maybe tomorrow? Haha, it'd help if I hadn't stayed up way too late...I'm really trying to work on that, but it's hard to reset my internal clock. It doesn't help that my 3 year old was up with me...

Love love love this kit.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 365 2010 Scrapbook: DONE!

I finished scrapping all of 2010's P365 pics! That's a pic for every single day of the year, a page for every week...done! 52 pages, 365 pictures. I feel so productive. And I just love how they came out. I definitely think my scrapping and my photography skills have improved over the last year. Check out the last 10 pages:

October 22-28

October 29 - November 4
Kit: Haunted, geniaBeana Scraps

November 5-11

November 12-18
Kit: Hazy Shade of Winter, geniaBeana Scraps

November 19-25

November 26 - December 2
Kit: Autumnal, geniaBeana Scraps
Alpha: Cranberry Jelly, geniaBeana Scraps

December 3-9

December 10-16
Kit: Merry and Bright, geniaBeana Scraps
Alpha: Cookies for Santa

December 17-23

December 24-31
Kit: Merry and Bright, geniaBeana Scraps

And...done! I feel SO accomplished. I did 6 pages on Monday, 2 yesterday, and 2 today. Today I've also eaten really healthy foods, exercised, cleaned, played with the kids, and gave them a bath - all while John was at school. Wednesdays are my "single mom" days since he doesn't get out of class until 7:45 PM.

Oh, a funny moment I must share. Hyrum was playing quietly under the table while I worked on the last page. I thought, "great, he's content, so I can finish this."

You can see where this is going, can't you?

A little while later, Emma said, "Hyrum's coloring on the wall."

Oh boy. Sure enough, he was gleefully coloring on the wall. I'd totally forgotten about the crayons Emma dropped this morning...*sigh*

Thankfully, a little WD-40 and it all came off.

You know, it's kind of ironic that Hyrum's first "drawing" was on the wall...ah well. C'est la vie avec les petits garcons.

My French teacher will be proud ;)

Translation for non-French speakers: such is life with little boys.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Goals Within Goals

One of my goals for 2011 is to eat healthier and exercise. Mostly to shed the post-baby flab. I know it sounds shallow, but I want to be skinny again. Like this:



These are from my senior year of high school. Um, yeah, let's not talk about how long ago that was, mkay? I wish I was that skinny now. Ironically, at the time, I thought I was fat. Ha. I was like a size 3 or 5. What did I know?

I do look better now than I did when Emma was a baby. I just saw some of those pictures and they will never see the light of the internet. Just ew. I can't really take much of the credit for the post-Hyrum weight loss, however. My failing gallbladder got all the glory. But hey, it put me below my pre-pregnancy weight from Emma, so I'll take it! I wish I'd lost more and that I didn't have an unsightly tummy pouch. That's why I have a goal to lose it in the first place.

My husband, of course, thinks I'm beautiful the way I am...

I think he's crazy.

In order to meet my fitness/weight loss/healthier goal, I had to set more goals within that goal. These include:

1. Exercise everyday but Sunday. So far, so good. I do crunches, push ups, and I jog around my living room for 10 minutes. I'll increase the jogging time as my stamina increases. The jogging typically turns into a game of tag with Emma. She loves it. I'd like to try some exercise videos, but I don't know which ones to try.

2. Make healthier food choices. Not doing quite as well as I'd like on this one yet. I'm going grocery shopping tonight and will buy healthy things like lettuce. I want to eat salad for lunch everyday. I'm going to put healthier dinners on my weekly meal plans.

3. Portion control. Stop eating before I feel full. It's so easy to keep eating something yummy, even when you start to feel full. I will still allow myself to eat some junk food, but in smaller amounts and less frequently. If I try to cut it out completely, I end up craving it...and then majorly binge. So, no eliminating. Just limiting. I need more restraint, in more aspects than my eating habits.

4. Track my calories online. This really is an eye opener. It's amazing how many calories some foods have - especially when you have more than one serving! And one serving is smaller than you might think. I've only been tracking for a couple of days. Today's been the best so far.

5. Go to bed earlier. Staying up too late is bad for me for two main reasons: 1. it makes for an overtired and grumpy mommy and 2. I eat more late night snacks the later I stay up. Going to bed earlier will help me with my other goals for the year as well.

I would love to be able to lose enough that I'd need to buy a whole new wardrobe. I want to wear some of the really cute styles that are out now. But if I were to try them at this point, I'd look awful in them. I don't want to buy more clothes in the size I'm in anyway. I want to be smaller! I want clothing to flatter me again. I don't want to have flab that needs hiding anymore. I want to be cute, and pretty, and stylish. I do what I can, but...I'm not where I want to be.

But I will get there.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

P365: 2010 - Finishing Up

Posting the tail end of 2010's Project 365 photos :) It's been a fun year, taking pics every single day. So much so that I've started anew in 2011. But we'll save those for another post ;)

I have some pages to share, too. I wanted to get it all scrapped by the end of 2010, but that just didn't happen. I still have 10 pages to go. I hope to finish them soon. This year, I'm not scrapping them by week again. It's too tedious. I'm going to do a 2 page spread for each month. Much more manageable!

Anyway, here are the most recent pages I've scrapped:

August 27 - September 2

September 3-9
Kit: Boho Chic, geniaBeana Scraps
Alpha: Markered Up, geniaBeana Scraps

September 10-16

September 17-23
Kit: Gigglerific, geniaBeana Scraps

September 24-30

October 1-7
Kit: Late September, geniaBeana Scraps
Alpha: Basically Worn, geniaBeana Scraps

October 8-14

October 15-21
Kit: Shabby Fall, geniaBeana Scraps

December 16:
December 16
Adam and Victoria came over for an end-of-semester bash. We had pizza and Adam brought Rock Band. We had so much fun!

December 17:
December 17
John and I got to go to the dedication for the school's new conference center. It was such an amazing experience!

December 18:
December 18
Hyrum wanted to comb Emma's hair! He sees us doing it all the time and he wanted in on the hair-combing action.

December 19:
December 19
Emma walking around in Daddy's shoes.

December 20:
December 20
Our gingerbread village, in its new locale. The kids could get to it too easily on the counter.

December 21:
December 21
Our 4th anniversary! We went to Olive Garden for dinner. So nice to go out on a real date!

December 22:
December 22
Just being cute.

December 23:
December 23
We drove around to see all the Christmas lights.

December 24:
December 24
All the presents under the tree! Emma's presents are in the pink/red/green candy paper and Hyrum's are in the blue penguin paper.

December 25:
December 25
Christmas morning :) I had to bribe Emma with Mike 'N Ikes to get this shot.

December 26:
December 26
Playing with their new laptops.

December 27:
December 27
Christmas leftovers for dinner.

December 28:
December 28
I picked out supplies to make myself a necklace. It's a belated Christmas present.

December 29:
December 29
We made some gift returns and the kids just LOVED the little bus at the mall.

December 30:
December 30
Victoria and I made a chain link counting down to her wedding.

December 31:
December 31
Hyrum got his first haircut! He looks like such a little BOY now! We later went to a New Year's party.

And I'm all finished with 2010! At least, photo-wise. Scrapping coming soon. I think I'll scrap tonight. Or make flower clips...hmm...decisions decisions. I think I'm more in a scrapping mood. Maybe I'll even make a dent in the 10 pages I have left for 2010.

Oh, and if you missed my post about Christmas, Hyrum's birthday, his first haircut, or New Year's, scroll down! I've posted a lot this week :) Enjoy!