Thursday, April 16, 2009

Template 30 and Easter

Woohoo, I've made 30 templates! But first, a few other things - including a LO and our Easter story.

First of all, Kasie requested that I set up my download links so that they don't navigate away from my blog. LOL, I didn't remember how to do that, so I pulled out the textbook from the web design class I took 5 years ago;) My html skills are pretty rusty;) I couldn't find it in the book, though. Sooo...I hopped over to Kasie's blog and stole it from her source code^_^ Hope you don't mind, Kasie;) I did it JUST for you^_^

Barb made a gorgeous Vegas LO using template 27! Check it out on her blog. I've never been to Vegas, but looking at her page makes me want to go. I'm anti-gambling, but I know there are plenty of other non-gambling things to do there. Barb, thanks for sharing your page! It's beautiful. I LOVE seeing pages with my templates^_^ It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:)

Barb also asked me a question about printing double page LOs. I haven't actually printed any yet, so I'm definitely not an expert on it. The only thing I've printed so far is Emma's ABC Book, and it's a 6x6 board book. But I think what most people do is crop them into 2 12x12 pages and THEN print them as 12x12s. I know Kimi of Kimi's Kreations printed several 2 page LOs in a book through Shutterfly, and I'm pretty sure that's what she did. She might have further tips for you:) She also has awesome templates up on her blog. And she just happens to be one of my closest IRL friends;) We were pretty much inseparable in high school.

Those of you who said the book in my self portrait is one of the Twilight books are right! And Kimi hit the head on the nail with it being Breaking Dawn. Ironically, she gave it to me;)

Now on to other things. I still need to write about our Easter this year. I know, I'm several days behind most everyone else. I'm also waaaay overdue for an Emma update. I like to post these things in multiple places because my reader list varies from place to place. Anyway, on to our Easter.

We had a great Easter. We woke up when Emma did and she got to see her Easter basket. She had soooo much stuff in it. I bought her some things, and then my Mom sent 2 different packages full of stuff for her. (Mom has a tendency to go overboard...guess that's where I get it from;)) Oo, and Emma's ABC Book was in it, too. And, of course, some candy. John and I had Easter baskets, too. I bought John an action figure and a CD. "He" got me picture frames that I picked out a few days before;) LOL, he didn't know what to get me, and I didn't know what to tell him (other than digiscrapping stuff), so when we saw the frames at Walmart I said, "hey, that can be my Easter present."

After we played with our Easter baskets, we started prepping a few things for dinner. I made a super yummy honey glaze for the ham and put the rolls out to rise. I'm sure we ate breakfast in there, too. Nothing fancy; just cereal. Then we got ready for church. Mom sent Emma a gorgeous pink eyelet dress. It's a 2T and Emma wears 12 month dresses (and 6-9 months in most everything else), so it was a little big on her, but it was sooo cute. The fact that it was too big wasn't noticeable with her cute white sweater on:)

Then we went to church and it was really nice. I had to take Emma out into the hall a couple of times, but it was fine. LOL, I brought my camera to church, so I snapped a few photos in the lobby;) I got some adorable shots of Emma looking and pointing at a painting of Jesus. I plan to scrap those soon:D I had to lead choir practice afterwards, since we're singing in church this week. Of course, there weren't very many people there. Thankfully, we're just singing a hymn from the hymnbook, so I'm going to ask people to join us from the pulpit right before we sing. It took us a looong time to go home after church.

It was a gorgeous day out, so after we got the ham cooking in the crock pot, we walked around outside a bit. We just walked around the grass median by our parking lot. When we went back inside, I decorated the cupcakes we made the night before. They turned out super cute! We got all the rest of the food ready and finally got to sit down and eat dinner. We watched The Lamb of God while we ate. And of course, dinner wouldn't be complete without dessert, right? We then ate our yummy cupcakes. Then we got Emma ready for bed and vegged the rest of the evening.

We'd planned to do an Easter egg hunt and decorate eggs, but we just didn't have time for it. Oh well. Maybe next year. I DID take a toooon of pictures, though. I took 374! I then narrowed that down to 90 with potential, which got narrowed down to 60 scrap-worthy photos. But I can't use AALL the pics! So I cut that down to 30, and that's STILL a lot! But, I made a really cute page using 19 of them;) I still have a few more pages to go till I'm satisfied with our Easter documentation. Here's the page:

Paper - me
Glitter stylesheets - Kimi's Kreations, BCC2
Font - Scriptina

And that brings me to template 30, which is the above LO. Template 30 is a 2 page LO in PSD format. A word of warning on this one: a couple of the photos are on the seam, so be sure not to put anything you care about in those slots (like, your child's face or something). I put cupcake pictures in there on my LO. As always, I'd love to hear back from you and see your pages with any of my freebies. Feel free to leave a comment with a link:) Anyway, here's the preview:

You can download it here.


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