Saturday, January 8, 2011

P365: 2010 - Finishing Up

Posting the tail end of 2010's Project 365 photos :) It's been a fun year, taking pics every single day. So much so that I've started anew in 2011. But we'll save those for another post ;)

I have some pages to share, too. I wanted to get it all scrapped by the end of 2010, but that just didn't happen. I still have 10 pages to go. I hope to finish them soon. This year, I'm not scrapping them by week again. It's too tedious. I'm going to do a 2 page spread for each month. Much more manageable!

Anyway, here are the most recent pages I've scrapped:

August 27 - September 2

September 3-9
Kit: Boho Chic, geniaBeana Scraps
Alpha: Markered Up, geniaBeana Scraps

September 10-16

September 17-23
Kit: Gigglerific, geniaBeana Scraps

September 24-30

October 1-7
Kit: Late September, geniaBeana Scraps
Alpha: Basically Worn, geniaBeana Scraps

October 8-14

October 15-21
Kit: Shabby Fall, geniaBeana Scraps

December 16:
December 16
Adam and Victoria came over for an end-of-semester bash. We had pizza and Adam brought Rock Band. We had so much fun!

December 17:
December 17
John and I got to go to the dedication for the school's new conference center. It was such an amazing experience!

December 18:
December 18
Hyrum wanted to comb Emma's hair! He sees us doing it all the time and he wanted in on the hair-combing action.

December 19:
December 19
Emma walking around in Daddy's shoes.

December 20:
December 20
Our gingerbread village, in its new locale. The kids could get to it too easily on the counter.

December 21:
December 21
Our 4th anniversary! We went to Olive Garden for dinner. So nice to go out on a real date!

December 22:
December 22
Just being cute.

December 23:
December 23
We drove around to see all the Christmas lights.

December 24:
December 24
All the presents under the tree! Emma's presents are in the pink/red/green candy paper and Hyrum's are in the blue penguin paper.

December 25:
December 25
Christmas morning :) I had to bribe Emma with Mike 'N Ikes to get this shot.

December 26:
December 26
Playing with their new laptops.

December 27:
December 27
Christmas leftovers for dinner.

December 28:
December 28
I picked out supplies to make myself a necklace. It's a belated Christmas present.

December 29:
December 29
We made some gift returns and the kids just LOVED the little bus at the mall.

December 30:
December 30
Victoria and I made a chain link counting down to her wedding.

December 31:
December 31
Hyrum got his first haircut! He looks like such a little BOY now! We later went to a New Year's party.

And I'm all finished with 2010! At least, photo-wise. Scrapping coming soon. I think I'll scrap tonight. Or make flower clips...hmm...decisions decisions. I think I'm more in a scrapping mood. Maybe I'll even make a dent in the 10 pages I have left for 2010.

Oh, and if you missed my post about Christmas, Hyrum's birthday, his first haircut, or New Year's, scroll down! I've posted a lot this week :) Enjoy!

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