Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emma "Reading"

I got this adorable video of Emma today and I just HAD to share :) Enjoy!

We borrowed this book from the library a week ago...and she memorized it in about 2 days. So no, she isn't actually reading reading. Just reciting what she memorized.

She definitely takes after me on the memorization front. I've always been great at memorizing things. I know John's family's birthdays better than he does - and he has 9 siblings!!

So no, she can't actually read yet. But she does know all her letters and their sounds. I'm sure she'll be an early reader anyway, based on how brilliant she is.

She's currently obsessed with the Little Critter books. It all started when we got her The New Baby book for her 2nd birthday. You know, when I was like, almost 8 months pregnant with Hyrum. She loved it and made me read it ALL the time. Of course, she memorized it quickly. Since then, we've checked others out at the library.

Someday we'll add more to our library.

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