Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hyrum's Little Adventure

We had an adventure today. And not the fun kind. No, it was more of the "let's go to the doctor and the hospital in the same day" kind.

The kids were playing by their door. Emma kept opening and closing it. Hyrum was right there, laughing at his sister's antics.

You can see where this is going, can't you?

Yep. You guessed it. Hyrum put his hand in the door (hinge side)...and Emma closed it on him. He cried SO hard! Poor little guy. He had this awful indent all across his knuckles and bleeding under the skin between all his fingers.

Right after it happened:
Hyrum's  hand

And an hour later:
Hyrum's hand

See how swollen it is? I should have gotten a shot of the other side of his hand, too. There's a matching indent there, and the whole knuckle section is really swollen.

John was in class at the time, but I set up a doctor's appointment for as soon as possible. He was moving his fingers perfectly, but I still wanted to get him checked out. I'd rather go in and find out nothing's wrong than NOT go in and later discover that something IS.

The doctor was impressed by how well he can move his fingers. He can still crawl around just fine, too. We don't think the fingers are broken, but the only way to find out if there's a fracture in the main part of his hand is by x-ray.

Of course, they don't have an x-ray machine in their office. He printed up an x-ray order and sent us up to the hospital. Which, thankfully, is literally only a block away.

I kept an eye on Emma while John took Hyrum back for his x-ray. He wasn't exactly thrilled about it. They had to put his hand in this green foam to keep him from wiggling. Little boys do NOT like holding still...especially toddlers.

But they got the x-ray and we'll get the results in the morning.

My poor little baby :( I felt SO bad for him. He's been SUCH a trooper, though. Aside from the major crying when it first happened, he's acted like his normal self. Playing, crawling, laughing, eating, getting into everything...

If it were me, I would have been the biggest baby ever. Seriously. I'd whine and complain and basically want to be pampered for the rest of the day.

Heck, I did do that when Emma dropped that shopping cart on my toe back in September... By the way, that toenail did eventually fall off...and is now mostly grown back in. At least my toenail-less days were confined to winter. Can you imagine walking around in sandals without a toenail? Yuck.

Aaaanyway, my poor little boy had his first significant injury and hospital visit today. Well, he hung out with me when I got my gallbladder removed...but it was his first time back there for himself. Obviously he was born there ;)

I hope nothing is broken. We'll find out in the morning. My poor sweet little boy!

Emma said it was an accident (I didn't actually see it happen, so I don't really know), but we definitely have had some talks with her about being more careful with the door. We talked about it a ton BEFORE this happened, too. Hopefully both kids learned something from this experience? *sigh* One can only hope.


  1. Oh sad :( We keep trying to teach the kids not to play with the door...every few months we either take their door away (if they're playing with it), or stick a towel over the top so it can't shut (if E has a tantrum and slams it.) OH BOY does that make her mad! No more slamming through...