Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's and Hyrum's 1st Haircut

We had a fun New Year's. We spent all of last week just enjoying our time together while John was off from school. Yay for vacations! It was definitely much needed. Getting back into the swing of things now that classes have started again is a bit rough, but we'll get there.

I gave Hyrum his first haircut on New Year's Eve. It turned out cute! Some before pictures:
Hyrum's 1st Haircut

Hyrum's 1st Haircut

Hyrum's 1st Haircut
Couldn't resist ^_^ I had to demonstrate just how long it is, right? My son is going to hate me for this...

I put his hair in a baggy after. I almost cried. My baby's growing up!
Hyrum's 1st Haircut

Hyrum's 1st Haircut

Hyrum's 1st Haircut

He looks like such a little boy now! I mean, he's always looked like a boy, but now he has more of a toddler boy than a baby boy look.

We went to a New Year's Eve party at the stake center. It was fun! Yes, we let our kids stay up. We normally don't, but they did great. They had so much fun! Emma loved the bouncy hut.

New Year's

New Year's

The kids enjoyed the music and dance lights. Hyrum watched while Emma ran around and danced. I took lots of pics of John and Emma dancing together.

New Year's

New Year's

We watched some friends play Lego Rockband, then we found one of the movie rooms...where Toy Story 3 was playing. We stayed there until just before the countdown. What a fun way to ring in the new year!

We got to take some balloons home with us, too:
New Year's

The kids went to bed as soon as we got home. Since we didn't get to enjoy sparkling cider when the countdown ended, we had some after the kids were in bed.

A new year has started. 2010 had many ups and downs. We lost my uncle and my grandpa last year. The best part of 2010 was a sweet addition to our family. We've all grown and learned a lot over the past year. Now 2011 is here. What a great time to reflect on the previous years' goals. Here are my goals from 2010, with an update on how I've fared:

1. Have a baby. - Yep!! And only a few days into the year, no less.

2. Lose weight caused by said baby. - Check! I only gained 17 with him and pretty much lost all of it right away. Then I dropped another 17 lbs due to gallbladder issues. I was pretty much stagnant weight-wise after gallbladder surgery. I stayed about the same, despite my attempts to exercise and eat better, for most of the year. And then we hit the holidays...and I put on 4 lbs. But I did exercise and try to eat healthier. I still have a long way to go, but I'm learning.

3. Nurse for the whole year. - Woot! Yep, totally did. He's one now and still going strong. We'll probably keep this one up for a couple more months or so. We'll see.

4. Be a better wife, mother, and person in general. - Making progress. I think I'm better now than I was a year ago. I still have a long way to go. This, of course, is one of those on-going life-long goals.

5. Be better at home management. Cooking, cleaning, organizing, filing, financial management, etc. But most importantly, this means to make and keep my home a sanctuary. This, too, is a life-long ongoing goal. - Again, making progress. Cooking and cleaning has definitely improved, as has financial management. Organizing and filing is also getting better.

6. Continue to develop spiritually. - Again, making progress. On-going life-long goals are never truly finished. But I definitely think I've improved.

7. Project 365. - Check!! I successfully took a picture every day in 2010! Now to upload and post the remaining pictures...and to start all over again for 2011! I still have 10 pages to scrap, too.

Many of my goals for 2011 are pretty similar; some are exactly the same.

1. Save money. We really need to start saving more for future expenditures. We get better and better at managing our money, but we haven't been quite as good about saving as we'd like. We want to start putting a set amount or percentile into savings each pay check. In order to meet our semi-long term goals, we need to start putting more of what we get in savings. Which, of course, means better management of our income.

2. Be healthier. Lose weight, exercise, eat healthier. I want to exercise every day except Sunday. I'll still eat some of the not-so-good-for-me foods, but I really need to be better at limiting my intake.

3. Read the scriptures everyday. If I can take a photo a day for a year, there's no reason why I can't do this, too! I know it makes a huge difference in my life; I hope I can read everyday. Have better prayers, too. Spiritual growth will come if I do.

4. Be more patient. I need to stop reacting to things that don't matter. I need to be more patient, tolerant, and understanding - especially around my kids. I definitely need to yell at my kids less when they do something that frustrates me.

5. Be a better me. I want to be a better me tomorrow than I was today. I want the me of today to be better than yesterday. I want to continually strive to be better in every way.

6. Be more loving and kind. I think this will help with goal number 4. I especially want to be nicer to those I love most.

7. Be less judgemental. It's so easy to judge others; even random people on the street that I don't even know! I really want to work on judging less. It's not my place to begin with.

8. Improve my home management. Now that I've figured out what works for me cleaning-wise and cooking-wise, I need to be better at implementing it.

9. Project 365. I loved doing this in 2010! I'm totally doing it again in 2011. I still have 10 pages to scrap from last year. I'll catch up soon. I hope. I think I'll do 2 page spreads for each month this year. 52 pages (1 page per week) is pretty daunting. Plus, I don't even want to think about how much it'll cost to print my 2010 book. 24 pages (2 per month) sounds much more manageable! I also want to be better at posting the pics (and other things) on my blog. Maybe once a week?

10. Be a better CT girl. I want to step up my scrapping...and actually post my pages in the galleries I'm supposed to. I'm great at posting them here and in the CT forum...but I tend to forget to upload them to the galleries. I think cutting back on my P365 pages will help me make time for my other scrapping projects. I still need to redo our wedding book and I haven't really even started on Hyrum's baby book yet - and he just turned one!

I hope I can achieve, or at least make progress, on all of these! Happy New Year!

(Psst, don't forget to read the Christmas post below!)

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