Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Feelings on Formula

A little back story. When Emma was 3 months old, we discovered that I had supply problems. I worked closely with an LC to get my supply up. But just in case Emma screamed with hunger and I had nothing left, she gave me a sample pack of pre-made formula. I'm proud to say I never needed it :) So, of course, it was still sitting on the bottom shelf of the changing table until today. I pulled it out since I'd been meaning to for awhile. It's expired, so I was about to go throw it away when Emma decided it was fun to play with. Here's what she did with it:

LOL, yep, she shoved it into the Diaper Champ :lol: Guess she knows where it belongs ;)

Of course, she was just doing that for fun...and she kept taking them out and putting them back in...but still. I thought it was pretty funny :D

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  1. ha ha ha- funny! Our Emma never had formula either. We had a couple of those bottles from the hospital around here forever- until I finally threw them out.