Monday, February 9, 2009

A is for Apple

Hi all! No new template this time, sorry. I was going to make one, but got caught up in a fun new project. I totally stole the idea from one of the girls on my mommy forum (genia Beana; she also makes awesome kits, templates, and word arts). Anyway. The idea that I'm stealing is ABC books. I'm going to make one for Emma! I figured out what I'm going to do for each letter. Should I post my list, or just surprise you each time? I plan to do numbers, too, but they'll probably be in a separate book. Or I might just do the letters. Who knows. We'll see.

I originally planned to use letter templates, but the link is now invalid. Boo. But I think it'll be better without those now, anyway. If I want pictures in the letters, I can always make them myself;)

Anyway, I did my first letter page tonight! Of course, it's the letter A. Here's my page:

Background paper - SSarducci, A Walk in the Park
Green (now torn) paper - NewlifeDreams, A Walk in the Park
Scalloped paper - JG, A Walk in the Park
Tree and apple tag - Raspberry Road Designs, Apple Festival
Alpha - Marie Stones, Apple A Day
Apple pyrimad and WA state - Kyra, Washington State
Other apples - courtesy of a Google image search, extracted by me
Atomic Cupcake actions - simple tear, rub on

A Walk in the Park series is one of the first I downloaded. I'm glad I finally got a chance to use parts of it!

LOL, I know, the WA state tag REALLY isn't necessary, but...I love it^_^ It is, after all, where we're from, and where we plan to move back someday. So, seeing as Washington is famous for apples, I HAD to add it;)

I also have the Idaho kit from the same designer, since I went to college there. Of course, it has potato elements. Random tidbit of informoation for you: did you know Washington actually grows more potatoes than Idaho? Yep, it's true! But not much else grows in Idaho:P Probably because the winters are so ridiculously butt freezing cold. I should know; I spent 4 winters walking to and from campus (and the grocery store) in the freezing cold. Man, I'm glad I graduated!

Anyway, it's 3:30 AM and Emma has taken to waking up before 7 the last few days. Not too thrilled with that. Thankfully, John is usually home at that time of day, so he gets up and takes care of her so I can sleep more. Yay! I've got a great husband:) He's a sweetheart. And he's the best daddy ever, too. But he's still up now, too, so we'll see how things go tomorrow!! Thankfully, he'll be home all day;)

And I'm off. Need to get some sleep. But I'm not tired. At all. I know I totally should be. I'll be a zombie for the first few hours tomorrow...well, time to try to sleep. Night!


  1. What a great idea! And so cute!
    Can I have the link for where you got the Washington and Idaho kits?
    And thanks for adding my scrap blog to your list! It makes me feel all fuzzy inside ^.^

  2. Thanks!! Here's where I got the WA and ID kits:

    There are a few other states as well, but none that I've been to;) At least that I know of.

    Of course I added you, you're a friend:)