Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holy Cow!!

I have 42 gigs of digiscrapping stuff on my hard drive!! This is also including my pages (8.69 gigs). And I've only been digiscrapping for 3 months! Uh, time to do some weeding. When I started, I downloaded pretty much everything. I'm more selective now. Plus, some kits look cute in the preview, and then once they're downloaded, I find they're not so cute after all. On the other hand, some of the kits I pass by I later see others use in cute ways. Such is the life of a digiscrapper I guess.

I need to do some reorganizing of my stash anyway. Time to weed out the stuff I will never use! I may delete parts of some kits and not the rest. For instance, one kit I DL'ed has some cute word arts and templates, but the papers are hideous. So I'll delete the papers :)

I'll work on it tomorrow. Don't expect anything new from me until I fix it! It's a good thing I have a big hard drive! But it's not THAT big - it's 160. Hm, I may have to get an external drive for digiscrapping in the future. Anyway. It's waaay late and I need to get some sleep. Night all!


  1. This is random, but I just realized your blog makes me crave Lucky Charms. I think it's the flowers on the side, they're the shape of the little cereal pieces and the color of the marshmallows. *lol*

  2. I love that you have as much on your hard drive as you do, it makes my 100 Gig not feel so obsessive. I guess I need to do weeding too.

  3. 42 gigs really isn't that much :P