Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

No new template today; we've been busy ALL day. It's been crazy, with both good AND bad. I'm tired and need to go to bed (yes, it's nearly 5 AM and I'm still up), but I wanted to post the page I finished tonight:) I majorly procrastinated on making Emma's Valentine's card, but it's done! LOL, just in time;) It turned out super cute!! I absolutely love it! I love the soft colors and everything. Take a look:

Template - me (template # 2)
Background paper, candy heart, red glitter framed heart - Digiscrap_ch, Je T'aime
Striped paper - Christy Kaggs, Forever Mine
Solid purple paper - bzb designs, Wish Dream Fly
Pink frame heart paper - LiviaY, Forever Mine
Purple heart paper - Madame Wing, Sunshine Studio Scraps, Love Me Not add on
Love paper, balloon - goth kittie, You're My Valentine
Purple dot paper (modified), butterfly, love me word art - Cynthia C, Love Me
Purple heart - kuznyec, Dream minikit
Leather heart, single pink rose - Penny57, You're My Valentine
Rose petal heart, double pink roses (modified) - scrap23, Nadya's Scraps
Pink glitter heart - Jamie Dell, Glitter Valentine
Silver glitter frame heart - Claire7799, Mushrooms (modified)
Red glitter heart - genia Beana, Be Mine
Diamond cluster hearts - Little Dragon, Forever Mine
Glass hearts - 3's enough, Adore Megakit
Bear - Ninie, Je T'aime
Glitter swirl - Gwen, Je T'aime
Felt heart with flowers, angels - le Journal du Scrap, Juliegoodgirl and Merepoule, Tout le Monde dit I Love You
Glitter splatters, buttons - Choukette, Sweet Candy add on
Love you forever word art - Choukette
Daughter word art - Elegant word art by Bethany

I love the Carter-esque butterfly and love me elements. Totally reminds me of Carter's baby clothes! I LOVE Carter's. The vast majority of Emma's wardrobe is Carter's. Their clothes are so cute! And they're good quality, too, and depending on where you go, not too expensive.

Please take the time to vote in my poll. No one's voted yet:( I want to know what you're looking for in a template so I can design better. If you don't tell me, I just have to guess on my own, which can be hit and miss.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day! I'm off to bed before I konk out at the computer!! Night (morning...whatever). Night!

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