Wednesday, September 7, 2011

200th Post!!

This is my 200th post!! Yay! So exciting. I should have some sort of free giveaway or something for it, but...I don't. I've got more than enough on my plate as it is. I'll have a fun and free download on Friday, though; a bunch of us from geniaBeana's CT are doing a blog train. My post is scheduled and ready to go :)

I haven't posted any new pages in awhile. I've been super busy scrapping away at Hyrum's baby book, plus a few other pages on the side. His baby book warrants it's own special post. I have 24 pages done so far. I still have a ways to go, though; his baby book will have 40 pages, just like Emma's. I'm trying to scrap 2 pages a day. I want to have it done before the new baby comes...and I'm due in 13 days!! Eeep! So much to doooo! Slowly making least I finally started packing my hospital bag today. Kind of important...;)

I'm in the market for a new blog name. It's been awhile since this has been solely a digiscrap blog, so the name doesn't really fit. But...I have no idea what TO call it. I don't want any identifying kind of info in the name, so it can't have our last name or location or anything like that in it. I've been wanting to change it for like a year now and still have no idea what to call it! Suggestions welcome!! In fact, please give me suggestions because I'm totally drawing a blank.

Here are a few pages I've scrapped recently-ish with some of geniaBeana's newer kits!

Swimming at the Lake using Flamingo Beach:
swimming @ the lake

Love to Learn with School Rules:
love to learn
I realized after that the journaling isn't accurate. The drawing is really of The Lion King. Meh, I'll fix it later.

And a sneak peak at Hyrum's baby book since I used one of geniaBeana's newest kits, Out of this World:
5 months - 1

More to come soon! I'm frantically trying to get caught up on my blog AND on scrapping Hyrum's baby book before I go into labor. Not to mention all the other baby-related and household chores that need doing first. Life is definitely keeping me busy these days!


  1. Congrats on the 200th! And your blog name seems to have changed..did you change it already? All the LOs look really cute!!

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you.. I LOVE that US picture of your newest little boy!! (Did you guys ever decide on a name??)