Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful Mother's Day

I had SUCH a great Mother's Day! Oo, looks like I need to make this quick because blogger says there's a scheduled outage in 15 min. So here's the short short version;)

John's master plan was to make me breakfast in bed, but since I woke up before anyone else, that didn't quite pan out as planned;) BUT he did make me an awesome yummy breakfast. Emma slept in, so that was nice. She hung out with John in the kitchen while I downloaded a bunch of free digiscrap kits.

Then I got to open my gift. John got me Bride Wars on DVD, a pack of Oreos, and a box of orange sticks. I loooove orange sticks! They're SO good! If you've never tried them, you totally have to.

Church was great. I loved hearing the cute little primary kids sing! I totally teared up - even though Emma isn't QUITE up there yet. She'll be old enough for nursery at the end of the month, though, so she will be soon!

John also made a yummy pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions in the crock pot. He got it all set up before we went to church - that way, we didn't have to wait for our dinner. We typically do crock pot meals on Sundays, since church is 3 hours long and we usually get home closer to 5 PM (it ends at 4, but we both have after-church responsibilities).

Oh, and another awesome bonus is we finally have a real choir director!!! YAY!! And it's NOT me! LOL, it's my brother-in-law!! I'm all for that! He DID say he'll have me direct sometimes, though. Poo.

Anyway, back to Mother's Day. After we ate a super yummy dinner, we vegged for about an hour. We called our moms and they both loved their gifts! I knew they would;) After all, it's a digiscrapped gift featuring the adorable Emma. What's not to love, right? (It's in the previous post if you want to see it.) Then we went up to the gardens for a nice walk. It was a gorgeous day! We took pictures and enjoyed each other's company.

Then we went home and enjoyed a yummy dessert of chocolate cream pie before we got Emma ready for bed. After she went to bed, we cuddled up and watched Bride Wars (on our ClearPlay, so we didn't have to hear any of the swearing). It was hilarious! Then we sat around and talked about various things for awhile. And that was my awesome Mother's Day! I could totally write more, but I'm on a time constrait with blogger's scheduled outage. I hope all you other mothers out there had as great of a day as I did!!

Oh, and I didn't have to change a single diaper ALL DAY LONG. It was seriously awesome.

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  1. Aw, that sounds nice :) How do you like your ClearPlay? How much was it?