Friday, February 17, 2012

On the Way

My new computer is finished and on the way!! YAY! Lisa finished building, testing, and installing programs on Wednesday. It should be here Monday. I'm soooo excited!! I've been computer-less for far too long. 4 weeks is a long time to be without a least for me.

I'll finally be able to share more pics of the 3 cutest kids ever! It will take me at least a few days after it arrives to get to that, though. I'll need to do an XP transfer and install Photoshop, Office, Sims 2, and other necessities. Lisa already installed Firefox, AVG, etc. She also ran about a billion tests. According to PC Pitstop, my new computer is in the top 23%. Sweet! Better yet, the graphics card is in the top 5% :D And it's one of Lisa's hand-me-downs. Yep, my sister loves fancy graphics cards. She's a little OCD about it. Not that I mind; I always get her old ones when she upgrades!

Yay!!!!! I'm finally going to have my own computer again!! Soooooo awesome! I can't wait!

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