Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My 3rd 3rd Trimester

I should probably post a pregnancy update while I'm still pregnant, yes? It's weird to think this is my 3rd 3rd trimester. And no, it's certainly no more fun than it was the other 2 times.

But at least with this one I don't have to deal with carpal tunnel, swelling, or unknown gallbladder issues. Definitely an improvement from last time! My wrist only hurts if I spend too much time at the computer; but it would do that anyway. I'm still rocking the wedding ring at 37 weeks. And I no longer have a gallbladder ;)

But I have plenty of other discomforts. Oh yeah. Heartburn. Oh how I hate heartburn. And the waking up every 2 hours to use the bathroom. Yeah, that can go away now, thanks. Granted, I'll be up every 2 hours to nurse soon, but at least I'll be able to fall asleep again.

I have a huge belly that makes it hard to do things like brush my teeth or drive. I can't reach the sink without pushing on my tummy. At least I get out of dish duty this way! Driving is a challenge. I'm really short, so I have to be pretty close to the pedals. Which...doesn't work so great with a big fat belly pushing into the steering wheel. Thankfully, John usually drives when we go places anyway. It's when I'm going out on my own that I have to deal with it.

Not to mention the hormones. Oh boy. I've been crazy grumpy irritable psycho mom this whole time. Sleep deprivation makes it worse. Which, of course, happens frequently. I fly off the handle about the dumbest things. It's ridiculous. I'm trying to be patient...but it's so hard! Some days are better than others. And other days...well, let's not go there. I think my family will be very happy once these hormones are gone!

My son likes to push his butt or feet out. It hurts! Like his siblings, he prefers the right side. I'm mean; when he stretches out, I push him back in. If you're running out of room in there, you're welcome to come out...just sayin' ;)

But what I hate the most is ligament spreading. OH do I hate it! It hurts!! Getting up is so painful. Rolling over, walking, any type of position change - regardless of how small - hurts. I'm sore all the time. I'm so ready to be done with this!

Well...mostly. I have a big fat to do list that needs completing before he can make his appearance. Like finish Hyrum's baby book, clean my bedroom to make room for the pack n play, clean the car seat cover (it was in storage), finish updating my recipe book, give John and Hyrum haircuts, and get the blog up-to-date. That's not even close to everything. But I'm almost to the halfway point on Hyrum's baby book, I made significant progress on the bedroom project, I plan to give the boys their haircuts tomorrow evening, and, as you can see, I'm working on the blog updates now.

There will always be more to do than I can reasonably accomplish. As long as I get the high priority things done, we'll be set. And if not...we'll survive. All new babies really need are clothes to wear, food to eat, diapers, snuggles, and a place to sleep. Aside from the diapers, I've got everything I really need. All the same, I'd like to get more stuff done before he comes!

Health-wise, I'm doing great. I'm measuring perfectly, have awesome blood pressure, baby is right on track, etc. I've gained 22 lbs so far. So if I gain a pound a week like I'm "supposed" to, we're looking at around 25 lbs total. I gained 20 with Emma and 17 with Hyrum, but I also weighed less when I got pregnant this time around.

All in all, despite the many discomforts, everything is going great. We're so excited to meet our little boy!

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  1. Oooh.. you're reminding me of all the things I've forgotten about :P Not looking forward to a few months from now. That's awesome that your ring still fits :) My big one is a little loose, but I'm swelling just enough with this heat that it's more comfy than my real one. Hopefully the swelling will go down with the temps...? Good luck with your list... I think it makes me more patient about baby coming when I have a lot I need to do first :)