Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My 30th Birthday

Ok, just writing that title makes me feel weird. And old. I can't believe I'm 30! So insane.

The funny thing is, I really don't feel any different. I don't feel like I've suddenly aged a billion years or anything. I feel pretty much the same. I don't feel 30. You're only as old as you feel, right? Right?

I had an awesome birthday, though. When John's boss found out my birthday was coming up, he let John have the day off. Yay! It's an unpaid internship anyway, so it's not like we're missing out on a day of pay. So I got to have my husband home on my birthday :D

First, I got to sleep in. Sort body doesn't really let me sleep when I want to...but I got to lay in bed and relax while John and the kids made orange sweet rolls for breakfast. Mmm, breakfast in bed. Awesome.

We spent the morning just lounging around the house. Goofing off on Facebook, checking the weather forecast, watching kid movies, etc. John and Emma went to pick up my cake and a couple of other last-minute birthday foods during Hyrum's nap.

Lunch was a lazy "eat whatever you feel like" meal. I had PB&J, which of course my peanut allergy kids can't have. They had cheese, bread, egg rolls...something like that.

We went to the new water park after nap time. I was kind of bummed that the weather wasn't as cooperative as I'd hoped it'd be. It was a little cooler and windier than I'd have liked. But we still had a ton of fun! I loved feeling less pressure while in the water. That was definitely nice. Plus, it wasn't crowded at all. That was awesome. I just wish it'd been warmer. Good thing the water is heated.

After we got everyone de-chlorinated, I started on dinner. Yes, I cooked my birthday dinner. I made chicken alfredo (from scratch - canned alfredo sauce is nasty IMO) and garlic bread. We also had corn and sparkling cider. Yum.

Mom sent me a funny card that said: "Things I've learned: any pan is a no-stick pan if you no cook in it." Bwahahaha, awesome. Love it. The inside said, "it's your birthday. Don't cook." But I totally did anyway.

Tori and Adam (John's youngest sister and her husband) came over for dinner, cake, and presents. We had so much fun hanging out with them :) I love having family nearby.

I got some great presents :) My parents got me the blue and green necklace I posted about previously. I cheated and opened that one a day early so I could wear it to church on Sunday ;) John and the kids got me the Best Bites cookbook, a DVD, and some candy (which I uh, ate half of before my birthday...I wrapped it to keep myself from snacking on it pre-birthday...). Tori and Adam got me Dieter F. Uchtdorf's Your Happily Ever After book - awesome book, basically a prettified version of an amazing talk he gave to the Young Women. It's one of those talks every girl/woman needs to read. Several times. I'm glad I have it in book form so Emma (and any future daughters) can see and read it any time they want. And so I can read it when I need the reminder as well.

Everyone sang to me and I blew out the candle. Haha, the only candle we had on hand was a number 3. We joked that I was turning 3. Awesome. I'm the same age as my daughter now ;) The cake was yummy! White cake, raspberry filling, whipped frosting. Yum. And we had root beer floats. Mmm.

After the kids went to bed, I curled up and relaxed with a book. Perfect way to end an awesome day!

Oh, and I love the fact that I had over 40 "happy birthday" wall posts on Facebook, plus some texts, emails, and phone calls. I loved getting so many birthday wishes from friends and family! I felt so loved ♥

I did get some pics throughout the day, but I look like a beached whale in all of them (granted, I'm 35 weeks pregnant...). So, no pics this time. I'm feeling lazy.

All in all, I had a fabulous birthday. Good food, good presents, and even better time with family. What more could I possibly want? Aside from not being pregnant that is...;) 5 more weeks to go!

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