Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emma's Treasure Box

After much internal debating, I decided to open an Etsy shop! Here's the link if you're interested: Emma's Treasure Box

So far, I have 16 bows up for sale. I plan to add pigtail sets and a 10 for $25 bundle deal soon. Eventually I'll have other non-bow crafty stuff for sale, too.

For ages I couldn't decide if it'd be worth it, if anyone would buy from me, if I'd be able to commit to it. But Etsy is so low-key that really I'll only be as busy with it as I make myself be. Plus, bows don't take that long to make anyway. So it's perfect for me. Coming up with a shop name was probably the hardest part!

I haven't sold anything on there yet, but I also haven't spread the word at all, either :)

However, I put some bows up for auction on Funds for Colleen. All these bows went up for auction:
March 30

Kimi divided the bows into 7 sets and so far, 5 of them sold! There are 2 sets still available if you're interested...;) Not to mention all the other awesome stuff listed there :)

I have soooo many blog posts floating around in my head that need to be written. Updates on the kids, our vacation, the dresser project, etc. But most of those involve sorting through tons of pictures and I just don't have the motivation to do it yet. Hopefully soon!

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