Monday, July 19, 2010

Kid Updates

Before we get started on kid updates etc, first I need to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented or talked to me about the previous post. Thank you! Really, it helped a ton. Honestly, just writing it out made me feel much much better, but knowing I'm not alone helped even more. It's all good now:) And it kind of surprised me that some of the moms that I *think* have it all together all the time are totally in the same boat as me.

One of the people I talked to (can't recall exactly who at the moment) quoted something profound to me (and, sadly, I can't remember exactly who said the quote, but I know it's from a church talk): "don't compare your private life to someone else's public life."

Isn't that just so true?! I love it.

I think I'm just going to post update type stuff this time. It's hot (I just turned on the AC), I'm lazy, and naptime is limited. So pics etc will come later, sometime in the next few days ish hopefully. Honestly, the main problem I have with that is selecting which pics to post for the 3rd. We did all our 4th of July stuff a day early since the 4th was a Sunday. And I don't know which pic to pick!! I have way too many awesome ones (if you're my Facebook friend, feel free to browse through them and make suggestions for the pic of the day:)).

So. Updates. Hm, where to start? How about some Emma-isms?

"Daddy wear purple one." LOL, so Emma got some necklaces in a kid's grab bag. There was a green one, a blue one, and a purple one. Emma wanted to wear the blue one and she insisted I wear the green one...and that John should wear the purple one!
"I jump my brother." Uhh, no. That was an instant time out!
"We don't throw things."
"I all messy."
"Clean it, Mommy. Clean it in the sink."
"I so pretty."
"I need pretty bows."
"I change baby's diaper."
"I poop in my potty, and I poop in my underwear, and I poop on the floor." Poop=pee here, apparently.
"I poop Mommy's potty."
"No I not in trouble. YOU in trouble!" Uh oh!! I should have put her in time out for that, but I was too busy laughing my head off!
"I go church tomorrow."
"Daddy wear dresses." ROFL
"I get dirty. I take a shower." We were going to go to the spray park, but a thunderstorm blew in just as we were getting ready to go. So, Emma and I played in the rain instead. Then we took a shower:)
"I need a wipe. Clean my feet." She currently has this obsession with cleaning her feet after wearing sandals outside. They do get pretty dirty, though.
"I farted, Mommy. I fart my diaper." Ah, the things I hear from the backseat on the way home from church.
"Oh there's a knock on the door." There wasn't; it was just neighbors walking around.
"I color. I need Family Home Evening."
"My teeths gross. Brush them."
"I'm making a house." Another current obsession: building houses with blocks.
"My brother's go bed soon."
"It's 'gusting. Yuck."
"Mouse poop in my car seat. We had wash it." A mouse got in our car back in April and pooped in the kids' car seats. Gross, I know. She still talks about it.
"I don't eat my hair."
"Chickens go baak baak, baak baak" - while eating chicken LOL.
"I need some med'cine for my teeths." Aaah yes, 2 year molars...oh how I loathe thee. The canines were by far the worst, though. Especially since all 4 came in at once! And like 2-3 weeks before Hyrum was born.
"My diaper hurts." ...she was wearing underwear...
"Good job cleaning, Mommy."
"I got the miccups." LOL, I love how she says hiccups.
"Hyrum told me."
"My test."
"I take GMAT, Mommy." Ok, so John told her to say it. It still cracks me up. John's preparing for the GMAT...yuck. I'm so glad I don't have to take it!
John: I'm Daddy, right? Emma: No, you're Mommy.
"I leave Daddy a message."
"I need fruit snacks." She says this a bunch, usually when we ask her what she wants for a meal. Or she'll say some other junk foody snack food.
"Noah's not very nice." ?? She randomly came up to me and said this. What?! Her cousin Noah is like her BFF, and we hadn't even seen him in like 3 weeks when she said this. Totally out of the blue. And then she said, "Emma's not very nice" and "Hyrum's not very nice."
"Bob the Tomato" while eating tomatoes LOL
"No, listen to Emma." !!!
Me: What did you learn at church today? Emma: I learn about Jesus. Me: What did Hyrum learn at church today? Emma: Hyrum learn about church.
Emma: I watch something. Me: Close your eyes and watch your imagination. Isn't that cool? Emma (closes her eyes): Yeah. *pause - opens eyes* Ok, I done.
"I need my library books."
"She peed on the floor. Daddy clean it." LOL! One of the potty training library books we checked out has a picture of the little girl's pee puddle on the floor.
"I need carrots, too." For lunch today, we had last night's leftovers. I put the pasta and bread on her plate just like last night, but apparently she needed carrots like last night, too!
"I put noodles on the carrots." Actually, she put the shredded carrots inside the penne noodles. So funny.

I know there's something super awesome she said in the last couple of days that I didn't get a chance to write down. And of course, I've since forgotten what it was! Sadness:(

I keep forgetting to post that Emma sings her ABC's (or rather, ABCDEFG's LOL). But when she does, K is more like CAKE. Yeah, she's definitely our child;) She also counts to 10. For the longest time, she would skip 4, but now she's getting better with it. Sometimes she skips it on purpose, though. She'll go "1...2...3...56789 TEEEEEN!!!!" She's been doing both those things for a couple of months or so; I wish I'd written down when she started to do them:(

As for potty training, it's going really well! Emma has peed in her potty 20 times!!! I know because that's how many stickers she has on her chart. She's really good about letting me know when she has to pee. Well, she says, "I have a poopy diaper" or "I poop on my potty" when she needs to go. We're trying to teach her to distinguish between poop and pee, but so far, it's a no go.

Poop, on the other hand...well, no luck with pooping in the potty yet. She keeps holding it in for DAYS, then poops while we're in a diaper-only situation (bedtime, naptime, and when we go out). Like yesterday. She pooped during church, and then again just as we were putting her to bed. And that was after about 4 days or more of holding it in.

She holds pee in, too. She'll hold it until she absolutely has to go. Thankfully, she usually gets to the potty in time. Or if she doesn't, it's when she has a diaper on. I'm trying to convince her that it feels better to get the pee out and that the more often she pees, the more stickers she gets. It's not working yet.

Surprisingly, Emma's still napping. Hyrum's eating, so...I'm typing one-handed. With my left non-dominant hand. It's sloooow to blog this way. sweet little girl is a screamer. She screams when she's happy, she screams when she's mad...she just screams. And it can get annoying. I don't mind the happy having fun screams so's the no-I-want-to-have-my-way-and-you-won't-let-me screams that irritate me. We give her time outs for it, but it doesn't stop her from doing it again. My parents are reading this and thinking, "aaaah, karma. At last." Or maybe just laughing their heads off. Because I was notorious for my high pitched scream. And now, finally, karma is biting me in the butt for it. But hey, on the plus side, it made me a great high soprano;) Maybe Emma will be one too.

Emma is cutting her last set of molars!! Or at least, the bottom ones. No sign of the top ones yet, but the bottom half are almost completely through. We're almost done with teething!!! LOL, just in time to start it all over again with child #2.

Hyrum is 6 months old!!! And he's sitting on my lap as I type. He just finished his meal:) He's growing so fast. He's such a big boy. At his 6 month check up, he weighed 16 lbs 4 oz and was 26.5" long. Of course, like every baby, he hated the shots:( Aside from some eczema, the pediatrician said he's absolutely perfect. Both kids have it this year. We just switched them to the generic version of Aveeno baby wash and lotion so that should help, in addition to the constant application of generic Eucerin cream and hydrocortisone.

So. Hyrum. He's a cutie. And he's trying to eat my arm. He can sit up all by himself, albeit briefly. He's a roller. He'll roll a few feet to get to the desired item of the moment - usually a shoe or some other yucky-get-that-out-of-your-mouth object. Because, you know, EVERYTHING goes in the mouth. Everything.

He recently started blowing raspberries. It's so cute! He's a happy, smiley boy. He loves to look at the world around him. Everything fascinates him. I *love* to hear him laugh! It's so cute! He thinks Emma is the funniest person ever. He laughs way more for her than anyone else. I bet his first word will be Emma. He's imitating sounds now, too.

Hyrum started solids recently. He LOVES it. He gobbles food down like no tomorrow. He likes everything he's tried so far: rice cereal, carrots, and bananas. We'll start him on another veggie tomorrow. Maybe peas? Or green beans? Or sweet potatoes? I don't know yet. Emma hated the peas and green beans purees, but really, I can't blame her: they're VILE. Though not as vile as the pureed meats. Seriously gag-worthy.

He's a great night, anyway. He'll sleep through the night if a certain someone he shares a room with doesn't wake him up by screaming "I poopy diaper, I poopy diaper." During the day, however...he's a cat napper. He takes 3-4 short under-an-hour naps a day. Usually about half an hour. Sometimes they coincide with his sister's nap, and sometimes they don't. When they do, it's brief. And he prefers to be held for them, though sometimes I can sneak him into his crib after he nurses or rocks to sleep.

We haven't attempted cry it out with him, and I'm not sure if we're going to. At least not anytime soon. I'm ok with cry it out...really, what's holding me back is the whole sharing a room aspect. He goes to bed later then Emma (around 10 ish). So if we did cry it out, we'd probably wake her up. And I reeeeally don't want to deal with that. So...we haven't tried it. I either nurse him to sleep or one of us rocks him to sleep with a pacifier, then sneak him into the crib. It works great, so why jinx it. LOL, of course, by posting this, I'm probably jinxing myself.

As for John and I, we're doing ok. He takes the GMAT in a couple weeks, so we've been trying to make time for him to study. It's hard, though, because he's also working a lot this summer and is too tired to study after work. And money...well, let's just say not having money sucks. He just got paid on Friday and the whole paycheck and then some is already spoken for. Lame. Ah, someday...someday he won't be in school, he'll have a good accounting job, and we'll have a house...but we'll still want to be frugal. It'd just be nice not to have to stress over "will we have enough for rent this month?" etc.

Aaaanyway, now I'm just rambling and the laundry in the dryer is saying "fold me, fold me!" I'd better go fold it before it gets ridiculously behind (like it always does). I just got caught up from LAST week's laundry this morning. So, off I go! Hopefully I'll have pics, digiscrap pages, and a template up soon.

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