Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365 - Off to a Good Start

Yes, I'm still pregnant. Hopefully that will change very soon. Due date is Monday...I'm trying to distract myself and am having mixed success.

This is a quick post, though. I just want to show off my first 2 Project 365 photos. And that's it. So, here we go:

January 1:

This was clearly taken shortly after midnight. Yay for sparkling cider. I was still an emotional basket case at the time, though.

January 2:

Ok, so technically John took the one for the 2nd. But I thought I should have some belly pics right before I pop and since I actually got dressed and made up, I figured I might as well. Ugh, ignore my flabbiness. Yuck. I can't wait till my face stops being puffy and fat like this. I took some other pics, too, so I DID take something, but this is the one I want to use;) I don't care if it's cheating - I'm doing it anyway;) And having Emma hugging my belly is just too cute. She gives her brother hugs and kisses everyday<3

Now to distract myself some more with my recipe project. I got some supplies for it at Walmart (remind me NOT to go to Walmart the Saturday night before a semester starts...crazy madhouse!!), so now I at least have a notebook and sheet protectors to work with:)

Hopefully today's photo will be of a cute little newborn baby!! Hear that, son? It's time to come out!


  1. awww you look great! such a cute preggo tummy! and its so adorable with her hugging that baby belly!! sooo cute!

  2. You are not flabby! You're pregnant. And hopefully not much longer :) I love that picture though, I don't think it's cheating at all ;)

  3. I don't think using pics John took is cheating at all. Go you. ^_^

    Good luck on your recipe binder, sounds like a great idea!

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