Monday, August 3, 2009

We are having...

a baby!! Hahahaha. Oh, you want to know the GENDER, huh? Well...this baby was NOT shy like Emma was! Not at all! We could see right way that it's a...boy!! He looks absolutely perfect and healthy and everything:) We were a bit shocked at first, since we were SO sure it was a girl, but it was pretty obvious that he's a boy. We're excited, though. Emma will just ADORE her little brother. She's going to be such a great big sister.

As for me, I still haven't gained any weight. In fact, I think I lost a pound this month, and I lost one last month, too. No one's concerned, though. I was on the chubby side to begin with anyway.

Sorry I haven't posted sooner! It's been a crazy busy day! We're trying to get ready for an 800 mile road trip (we leave Wednesday) where we'll be visiting family for 3 weeks. It's all coming together slower than I'd hoped, but we're getting there. We'll be able to get it all done:)

The most annoying thing about my appt was the insane wait time to get in. My appt was at 11...and they didn't call me to the back till noon. They were super busy with ultrasounds today, and all of the ones before us took much longer than anticipated for one reason or another. I was getting pretty impatient and frustrated with that...I mean, I understand and all, but I really wanted to know what I was having and I could have used that hour to be productive instead. Plus, keeping a toddler entertained in the lobby for that long is difficult...

But yay, we are having a little boy!! We have SO much stuff to buy now...oh man. I hope I get a baby shower, since I'm having a totally different gender this time. Everything I have is pink!!

We had a boy's name picked out, but even before we found out, neither of us really felt right about it. We still like the middle name we selected, but the first name just doesn't feel right. Time to look into little boys' names!

And now back to cleaning and packing...


  1. Congrats!!!! Boys are...different.

    How far apart will the Prince and Princess be?

  2. YAY!!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys. :)

  3. Congrats Sarah!! I'm shocked too. I thought it would be a girl. You will love a little boy so much!!

  4. congratulations! that's so exciting!