Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Wedding Book - Complete

Here's my first complete digiscrap book. Obviously, it's of our wedding;)

I've tweaked a few things on some pages, but haven't uploaded them.  I may make more changes later. These are all in 2-page spreads (except the cover LOL), so the credits are for 2 pages at a time. So here's the whole book, in order:

Template - Lina's Layouts, #14 (modified)
Papers - Claire7799, Mushroom kit
Alpha - Michelle Sims, Twilight Obsession

(I changed the font on this one; may tweak it a bit more)

Photos by Kimi
Blue paper, alphas, and glitter by Juno, Pretty Funky kit
Green paper by Pure Scrap, Cosy kit
Flower and fastener by Thaliris, Just For Me kit
Butterfly by Fanette, Evanescense

Photos by Kimi
Papers and elements by Thaliris, Just For Me kit
Alphas by Tangie
Heart by Boyerville, Gratitude kit
Butterfly by Fanette, Evanescense kit

Photos - Kimi
Invitation - me, with design help from Kimi
Paper - Maria Designs, A Walk in the Park
Sparkles - ScrapLandia, Christmas in ScrapLandia
Thin frame (modified - changed color/saturation) and heart - Kuznyec, Dream minikit
Thick frame - Juno, Pretty Funky
Chrome "forever" - Shawn Headley, Chrome Words
Font - Merced
Sparkly words - Atomic Cupcake's sparkle action (thanks Kimi!)

Photos - Kimi
Template - Simply Yin 74 - modified
Paper - Scraplandia, Christmas in Scraplandia megakit
Font - Merced
Sanded Away action - Atomic Cupcake
Dancing couple, black flower, Always & Forever wordart (modified) - TrixieScraps, Sunshine Studio, A Formal Affair kit
Remember This wordart - R Penn, Express Yourself kit
A Love Like No Other wordart (modified) - AE Designs, Sunshine Studio, Love Like No Other kit
Silver roses - Ninie, Cherry Moka kit
Heart - Amanda Dyken, Sunshine Studio, Vintage Sparkle kit
Butterfly - Fanette, Evanescence kit
Black stamp - Shabby Princess, Urban Kiwi kit
Swirly thing under text - Glayce, November Freebie kit

Photos - Kimi
Paper and elements - Amanda Dykan, Sunshine Studio Scraps, Vintage Sparkle kit
Frame - Kuznyec, Dream minikit
Alpha - LiviaY, Sunshine Studio Scraps, Winter Sparkle kit

(I removed the lace ribbons on these pages :) )

Photos - Kimi
Paper (modified) and tiny flowers - veroj4, n'oublie pas kit
Lacy ribbon - nini-theo, Naturellement add-on kit
Butterfly - CuddleBeez, Treasured Past kit
Jeweled circle - Boutique Cute Doll, Dreaming sampler
Roses (modified) - Ninie, Cherry Moka kit
Swirly doodle - Nanine, Love add-on kit

Photos: Kimi
A Formal Affair kit, Tracy Anderson, Sunshine Studio Scraps
Frame - Linda Walton, Acryllic Frames freebie

Photos - Kimi
Template - Karah Fredricks, sketch 1
Paper and elements - Bidouille, Cherry Moka kit
Alpha - Michelle Sims, Twilight Obsession
Sanded Away action - Atomic Cupcake

Paper - (modified) - thanks Kristan for finding this for me!!
Alpha -
Journal tab - snippetsink, Bentley girl kit
Green flower and ribbon - A Work in Progress, Hazy Summer kit
Metal flower - CuddleBeez, Blues and Browns kit - modified
Rusted brad - Shabby Princess, Festival kit
Music brushes - Obsidian Dawn - thanks Kimi!!

Photos - Kimi
Paper (modified) - petit moineaux, frisson kit
Alpha and elements - Juno, Sunshine Studio Scraps, Winter Whites kit

Photos - Kimi
Template -, #21
Paper and elements - Tracy Anderson, Sunshine Studio Scraps, A Formal Affair kit
Alpha (modified) -
Wordarts (modified) - no TOU for either :( Just have the pngs.

Photos - Kimi and Critt (Kimi couldn't take the pics she was IN obviously )
Paper and blue flowers - LiviaY, Sunshine Studio Scraps, Winter Sparkle
Acrylic frame - Linda Walton
Hearts and ribbon - A Work in Progress, Baby Boy kit
Imagine and Believe word art - Sweet Blossom Designs, Enchanted Forest Collab kit
Purple flowers - Thaliris, Just For Me kit


  1. Sarah this is so great!!! I love the pictures and the scrapbook! I have to tell you, you look so pretty in your wedding dress. This was so much fun to look at!

  2. Thanks!! I wished I was skinnier at the time, but now I'd be thrilled if I got back down to that size! Working on it;)

    LOL, I JUST posted my new templates you saw me working on.