Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1st OB Appointment

I had my first check up last week. I've been meaning to write about it since, but, well, life got crazy. More on that soon.

As for my appointment, everything looks great. I went in expecting to get a pap, internal ultrasound, and bloodwork. The nurses totally made my day when they told me I didn't need a pap till my post-partum check up :D Since I've never had an abnormal one, it's every 2 years. And after I turn 30 (in August! Eep!), it'll be every 3 years. Yay for less paps for me! And the lab guy comes to pick up the bloodwork at the time I was still talking to my dr, so I didn't have to be poked, either. They'll just do it next time.

It was soooo cute to see my tiny baby on the ultrasound ♥ Baby is measuring 4 days ahead of my LMP, so they moved my due date up 4 days! Sweet! I'm now due September 20th.

Isn't my baby so cute?
March 1

LOL, at one point, baby gave us a perfect legs/butt view - too bad it's too early to tell! I still really think it's a girl. Emma is very adamant that it's a girl and that her name is Cinderella :D

Wouldn't it be hilarious if I had another due date baby? I wouldn't be surprised, but I'd seriously laugh hysterically.

My next appt is April 1st. Hyrum has his 15 month check up that day, too. Since my OB office and the pediatrician office work together, the receptionist at my OB was able to look up what time Hyrum's check up is so we could have them back to back. So totally awesome. They're conveniently next door to each other, too. Love it.

I'm doing lots of updating today, so don't miss out on all my new posts!

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