Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Brief Update

Once again, I haven't updated in ages. I have SO much to post! A couple of digiscrap projects, general update, etc. But I have a headache and don't really feel much like posting, so this will be a short one (and everyone sighs in relief, LOL).

First, today is the 3rd anniversary of our first date! How cool is that? We haven't really done anything special for it, though. We were watching a movie, but then my phone rang, John fell asleep, and I got sucked into the computer. He has to work early in the morning (6 AM - ugh), so I probably won't bother him much...just enough to roll him off my side of the bed, since that's where he's currently snoozing.

Also, yesterday, I had an OB appointment. Everything looks great! My blood pressure is awesome (it always has been), I've actually LOST a pound (yay me!), and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! Emma danced to the baby's heartbeat - it was SO cute! I wish I'd had my camera. But the super exciting news is that I get to have my big ultrasound at 18 weeks!!! RIGHT before we leave for our vacation home!! Yay!! Hopefully this baby is more cooperative about showing us than Emma was...she hid, and we had to come back in the next week to try again.

Oh, and zofran is AWESOME. It has made SUCH a difference!! I don't feel sick at all! It's great. I think from now on, I'll demand it the very day I hit 6 weeks!! I lucked out in that one a day is sufficient. Always a good thing when it costs $65/bottle of 30! And that's WAY cheaper than it used to be! The generic used to be around $30/PILL. Now if I could take a pain med that actually WORKS...Tylenol does nothing.

We've been doing LOTS of babysitting this week. Like, at least a little bit everyday. And Emma and I get to babysit again tomorrow. LOL, ironically, we want to find a babysitter for Friday, but haven't made any phone calls yet or anything, so we'll see if that happens.

We had a really nice 4th of July. John ended up working that day, even though he wasn't originally scheduled to. But they offered him an 8 hour shift with time and a half...I wanted to say no, but my responsible side won over and we took it. We need the money. While he was at work, Emma and I went over to the park. We just barely missed the parade, but oh well. We still had fun. Trying to get a toddler and a pregnant woman ready without assistance is difficult. Especially when there are unforeseen issues such as a blow out diaper in the 4th of July outfit or gag reflux kicking in while brushing teeth...yeah. Blow outs and vomitting weren't exactly on my list that morning;) And why is it that kids always have blow outs in special or favorite outfits?

Anyway. Emma and I went to the park and walked around the little booths and such. We got a few little trinkets, got our picture taken with Snoopy (for free), and entered several cool drawings. We didn't win anything, but I think one of them isn't being drawn till August anyway, so there's still hope on that one. I doubt we'll get it, but it's always worth a shot:) Then we played at the spray park there to cool off. We were just in our regular clothes and got completely soaked! Thankfully, I had a change of clothes for Emma. When we got back to our apartment complex, we saw some friends having a BBQ and they invited us to join them:) Yay for lunch! We hung out with them for awhile before going home for naptime. I then decorated my annual flag cake and it turned out SO awesome! I'll have to upload pics, but not tonight. I think this year's was my best so far.

After John got home, we went to some friends' for dinner and a game. Then we did fireworks with Nathan and Jessica at their place. Emma LOVED it. We had SO much fun! Next year, I hope to hit the parade and make it over to the fairgrounds to see the show there.

And I think that's it for tonight. I'll post pics/scrap pages later! Hopefully this headache will go away soon...

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  1. Glad to hear an update! I miss your regular posts :) Yay that the Zofran is working!! I'm so happy for you! Sounds like things have been fun for you lately :) Last year we live on the pathway for the city parade.. and still missed it :P We slept in. Can't wait to see the rest of your posts you've got comin, hope things are going well for you guys :)