Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, John!

Yesterday was John's birthday. He is officially old...haha, or rather, as old as me. I'm 3.5 months older than him. Now we're the same age again, number-wise.

He had an awesome birthday. We went to church, which of course was wonderful. The Relief Society lesson was exactly what I needed.

After church (and choir), we prepped for his party. John had to stay after for awhile (he's the financial clerk), which gave me a chance to wrap his presents.

We did some last-minute cleaning. I spent most of the week cleaning it seems. But with 2 small children, it doesn't stay clean for long. The living room is littered with toys again already. But we DID have 2 additional children over for the party.

Saturday night, we picked up 3 Papa Murphy's pizzas and a cake for the party. We started baking about 45 minutes before it started.

Victoria and Adam came, as did Nathan and Jessica with their cute kids Noah and Anna. It was a really fun family party. We ate pizza while watching the Christmas devotional.

Then John got to open his presents. My parents got him some clothes and a book, the kids and I got him a DVD, and Nathan and Jessica got him a book and some homemade cookie mix.

LOL, after John opened his presents, Jessica asked Victoria what she got John. Victoria said, "our presence is a present." Haha.

Speaking of, Victoria and Adam got engaged over Thanksgiving break. Woohoo!! So exciting! They're getting married in April. Yay, a family wedding this spring! Every time we mention Adam to Emma, she says, "he's gonna be my uncle, and they're going to get married." So cute.

While we ate cake and ice cream, we pulled out the Nintendo 64 and played Mario Kart. So fun!

After everyone went home and we got the kids in bed, John and I watched a movie. We relaxed and just enjoyed each others' company. All in all, he had a great birthday.

John truly is the best husband, father, and friend I could ever ask for - and more. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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