Friday, April 16, 2010

Road Trip

No pics or digiscrap pages to show off this time, sorry. Just posting to say we safely survived our first road trip with 2 kids. We spent Monday and Tuesday in the car (with a comfy hotel stay in between) and have been staying at my parents' house since. The trip was rough at times, but really it was much better than I anticipated. Much better than the last time we made that drive with just Emma (but I WAS pregnant at the time, which adds a new element of misery to traveling).

I brought my external hard drive, so I have access to all my pics and digiscrap stash, but no one here has CS4 and when I looked at Adobe's site to download the trial, all I see is stuff about the upcoming release of CS5. But Mom DOES have an older version of Photoshop, so I can use it if I get really desperate;) Not sure I'll have much time for scrapping during our trip yet, though. Especially since PS 7 doesn't have as many cool features as CS4. I'm now so used to CS4 that using the archaic 7 again will feel SO weird. But I might do it anyway. I probably will for at least ONE thing I have in mind...

Anyway, our trip so far has been nice. The weather's been great so we've been playing outside. I went down to the creek for a few minutes yesterday while John and the kids hung out in the front yard. Can I just say how awesome it is that my parents have a creek with a waterfall in their backyard? Love it.

We're having Hyrum's baby blessing this week, so if you're in the area (where our families live, that is), you are more than welcome to come:) 1 PM at the church (John's family's ward). John's mom made the cutest blessing outfit for him:D

Anyway, speaking of Hyrum, he's fussing at me to change his diaper, so I'll check in again later. John and Emma are upstairs looking for lunch:)